Thursday, June 04, 2009


You may have seen on my Twitter that we had a rather large turtle visit our property a couple of days ago. My guess is that his shell was close to a foot in diameter. Here are a couple of pics.

He looked even bigger when his legs were out and he was walking, but of course he went right into his shell as soon as we came anywhere near.

It's fun to live in a place far enough outside of town that you get to enjoy some different animals. Except for the snakes.


Anonymous said...

cool. Did you make soup?

your sis said...

How long did it take it to actually make it across the driveway?

Linda L said...

I told Alice what I heard on the morning news from the "zoo" guy...ask her about it!

preacherman said...

My boys loved the pictures.
I think it is cool too....:-)
Thanks for sharing!

Doug Young said...

That's ugliest turtle I've ever seen! Poor guy!

Todd said...

that's crazy...we never get anything good like that in our yard...we did have a deer in our back yard once I guess, but it ran away before we could get any pictures :)