Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What are we teaching here? Part 2

3 years ago, this post caused quite the stir with one. He thought I was just an angry Cowboy. I insisted (and still do) that it had far less to do with the team involved but was instead about the poor example being set.

Tonight I'm taking my own team to task in the same way.

Most of you have probably heard in the news that OSU's star receiver, Dez Bryant, is currently suspended - waiting on a ruling from the NCAA regarding his eligibility. His sin was lying about a visit with Deion Sanders. It was a bad move by Dez, and certainly worthy of some punishment, although the jury is still out on how much.

My complaint is not with Dez, although he was wrong.
Nor the NCAA, although they are often hypocritical.
My complaint is with OSU.

The school reported that Dez was held out of the September 26 OSU-Grambling St. game due to a hamstring injury.

The only problem is that today's reports are that OSU admits Dez was really held out because of the eligibility question.

Does anyone else see the sad irony?

Dez is out for lying, yet OSU lied about why he was out.

I'm really disappointed in my school today. I expect better.

Boo, OSU. : (

Update 10/15, 9:30 a.m.

I e-mailed OSU Athletic Director Mike Holder last night about my disappointment, asking for his response. Both he and another staff member have already contacted me this morning with an explanation. I am impressed that they would respond so quickly.

I was assured that at no time did anyone with knowledge about the NCAA investigation ever state that Dez was missing the Grambling St. game due to injury. That includes Coach Gundy...I am told if you listen to his press conferences both before and after the Grambling St. game (which are archived on-line at, you will find that he never made reference to an injury. Yes, assumptions were made as to the reason for Dez being sidelined, but those were neither confirmed nor denied by the few who knew the real reason.

While I still believe it would have been most honorable to set the record straight about the facts rather than let false information spread, I can also understand that sometimes the appropriate answer is "No Comment" and that privacy must be maintained while the process works itself out behind the scenes. I think I would want that respect if I were in the same situation.

So, I'll cut them some slack. Instead of "really" disapponted, I'll modify to "slightly" disappointed.



preacherman said...

Great thoughts.
I felt the same way brother. :-)

Mike Morton said...

I'm impressed that they responded to you. I have a new respect for OSU athletics. (guess you can keep donating money, Shane) :-)
On another note... it's interesting, as I deal more with my newspaper staff at Santa Fe and with media in general, how quickly "assumptions" are taken to "generalized" information. The whole issue of not telling the "whole truth" is becoming more and more a part of society. My 4 year old has recently learned it somewhere and has practiced it at home on occassion. (maybe got it from her 6 year old brother?) :-) Maybe it's just trying to save face and/or trying to stay out of trouble? It's a sad situation and I'm sorry that Dez has to go through that.