Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cotton Bowl

Even though the game was a dud, Alice & I had a great trip to Dallas (well, actually Arlington) for the Cotton Bowl a week ago. I finally got around to uploading some pics.

Amazingly, we didn't have to park that far away.

The sea of orange. We definitely had more fans than Ole Miss.

Yes, the screen is big.

Our view of the game. Not too bad.

What, OSU throws a pass???

The orange people.


Anonymous said...

I hear they blame you for the defeat.

Basketball tomorrow?

Shane Coffman said...

I sure haven't been good luck lately.

Yes, I'll see you there.

TIMH said...

Got your hunter safety orange on. What are you after??????

Shane Coffman said...

Ha! Well, we were trying NOT to get shot by those Ole Miss Rebels.

It didn't work so well...