Sunday, December 19, 2004

Belated birthday

Last night was our late celebration of Alice's birthday. I had bought her tickets to Mannheim Steamroller for her birthday (December 4), and the concert was last night. We had dinner at Cattleman's (mmm, steaks! and it was Alice's choice, not mine), walked around the Bricktown Canal (it was just cool enough to make it feel wintery, but not so cold as to be uncomfortable), then went to the concert at the Ford Center. A very nice, relaxing evening.

They had a cool toy train / small village set up at the opposite end of the floor from the stage. There were live "toy soldiers" who would march around it, stand guard, and pose for pictures. During the concert they lit it up and made it snow on the village.

I have become quite the Christmas music lover in the past few years. We didn't listen to much of it growing up, and I wasn't too sure about it when Alice and I were first together, but she has won me over. Now, I'm just as anxious to break out the container of Christmas music right after Thanksgiving each year as she is.

I hope you all have a chance for an evening such as this. A chance to step away from the hustle, shopping (madness), parties, etc. and just enjoy the season. A chance to bask in the glory, wonder, and simplicity of the incarnation.

Is there any chance Jesus was an ugly baby? Just wondering. I know some.

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