Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Duty Calls

I seem to have found a rhythm posting about every other day. Maybe it takes me that long to think of something worth sharing. Maybe it's because I feel guilty if I don't post something that often, even though I have no idea if anyone is even reading this. Or maybe it's just the season - it seems like we've been going non-stop for about 2 weeks.

I went to the Oklahoma State basketball game in Stillwater last night. We won by 57 points. Those kind of games are still fun because you get to see the reserves play a bit more than usual, and the guys cut loose with some fun dunks that you would never see if the game was tight.

I shopped for Alice tonight. Now I must go wrap. I really don't care for wrapping presents. I don't mind buying them. I don't mind giving them. But wrapping them is not so fun. It may be my least favorite part of the season. I'll tell you after I finish wrapping them.

It's time to check on my dryer. It's still drying in world record time, you know. I think I'll make my life's motto: "Clean your lint trap".

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CWAHM said...

Hi! I just started a blog and noticed the "Next Blog" link in the top right-hand corner, so I thought I;d see what I got. I read your post and wanted you to know that someone is actually reading it! :o)

I hope your wife loves her gift! It seems like I can never find something for my husband that makes him as excited as I'd like of these years I'll find the perfect gift. Except, I guess that's not what Christmas is truly about anyway.

Have a Blessed Christmas!
Christian Work at Home Moms