Sunday, January 16, 2005

On to the next week...

I made it through my "busy" week. Everything went according to plan for the most part. Murphy would caution me that this week will be mass chaos to make up for last week...

Stop to pray for the following this week:
My sister, who will have her gall bladder removed on Thursday.
Mike Cope's son Chris, who was injured in an accident coming back from Winterfest this evening.

I was challenged this morning in my teaching of the college class about Deborah (Judges 4). She was THE spiritual leader of Israel - clearly chosen and ordained by God. Barak would not go into battle unless she came with him, for she spoke the very words of God. With that in mind, why would God be displeased to have women in positions of leadership today? How would the cross have changed God's opinion on women in leadership roles, given that He obviously did not have a problem with it in the OT?

Oooo. That just opened a can of worms.

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