Thursday, February 10, 2005

Lessons from "The Far Side"

I remember a Far Side cartoon several years ago where there was a team of horses pulling plow stopped to take a long look at the skull of a horse along their path. The thought was that we all stop and pay closer attention when something hits close to home.

What a true thought that is (a real word-picture - there was no caption or any words). As I read the paper, see the news, watch a movie, or whatever, if New York is mentioned I now pay closer attention since I've been there. It's the same way everytime I've gotten a new vehicle - all of a sudden I notice the others of that same vehicle on the roads when I've never paid attention to them before.

New experiences open our eyes to things that have been there all along, we just didn't notice them.

How many times have you known people going through terrible things in their life, yet your heart wasn't moved because you felt no connection to their pain? I wonder what I'm missing today that might be more important to me tomorrow?

Lord, open my eyes to those things even today.

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