Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lessons from the hardwood

It looks like my Cowboy basketball team is starting to pull it together. After a manhandling of Texas Tech today, I'm starting to feel good about our chances to get back to the Final Four.'s time to start thinking if I make that trip this year or not. I hate to "waste" the money, but it isn't wasted if we win it all and I'm there. Besides, it's in St. Louis - not too far of a drive. We'll see.

YMCA 3rd grade basketball ended last week. We were totally blown out in our last 2 games. The poor kids couldn't make a shot. The had good looks - wide open chances, but nothing would fall. I only noticed one of them crying after the game. Being 3rd graders, I would have expected more of them to be distraught. I reminded Austin that there's more to the game than scoring, that he had several rebounds and played good defense.

I'm certainly a good one to teach him that, for I will never be a big scorer myself. I am a role player. I play good defense, grab a few rebounds, and dish out a few assists. If I score 10, I've had an amazing game. Normally it's more like 4 or 6 points.

Not everyone is a scorer. Not everyone is a rebounder. Or, as Paul says, not everyone is an apostle, or teacher, or anything else. No, we use the talents and gifts we have been given to the best of our ability, and give others space to do their thing.

What would happen if someone like me, who isn't a scorer, tried to score all the points? I would throw up a bunch of junk, turn the ball over, alienate my teammates, and cause us to lose the game.

Find your role, and then accept your role. Don't force it. God knows what He made you to do.

If I ever score 20, I'll let you know.

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