Saturday, May 14, 2005

He's back

Other than the 8 gaping holes in my mouth, I'm almost back to normal. I could irrigate those holes for an hour and I would still be getting food particles out of them. I think the holes may go all the way to my brain.

On second thought, maybe those aren't food particles coming out...

I had a nice conversation with Peter Wilson, who sings with The Zoe Group and True Lift, out at Pepperdine last week. He is a year ahead of me in this mouth remodeling business, having had his braces put on last summer. It hasn't slowed him down too much, although he did warn me that the palate expander is the pits, and he had his right when they were recording for last year's Zoe project. Now I'll have to go back and listen to that CD and see if I can tell.

Our softball team is struggling. We're 1-5. At some point during the winter I forgot how to hit. I think I've made it out of the infield once. Maybe I can blame it on the 9 pounds I've lost during this whole surgery ordeal. I just don't have the strength anymore. Yeah, that must be it.

The Pepperdine trip was wonderful. I wish we could go every year. Next time, though, we'll have to take a couple of extra days and do some serious sight-seeing in the LA area. We never even left campus this trip. Not that that is a bad thing. There are worse places to stay for 4 straight days than a college campus overlooking the ocean.

OSU-OU baseball is this weekend. You know where I'll be.

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