Monday, October 31, 2005

abysmal and unacceptable...

Per Jan, my blogging output is "abysmal and unacceptable".

Yeah, Jan, that's what I've been saying about my football team for much of the year, too.

Here are other things I think are "abysmal and unacceptable":

Wasteful spending approved by Congress.
13 year old trick-or-treaters not in costume.
Cox Cable's HD service continually being down when there is a "big" game on.
Nebraska coach Bill Callahan making a throat-slashing gesture to the officals in Saturday's game against OU, then denying that he did it today at a press conference (Hello - it was on national TV!).
My cat's refusal to observe daylight saving time on Sunday morning.

How about your list?


Jan said...

Not the output, the FREQUENCY of the output!

Other things that are abysmal and unacceptable:

trick-or-treaters who are taller than me (costume or not)

my purple asters

my recent blogging frequency

Mike Morton said...

abysmal (can barely spell it--had to cheat) and unacceptable: hm...

Students talking, having their own conversation, while you're trying to give instructions--then asking you what you said or/even better, saying that they didn't "hear you"

Students telling you that your tests are too hard... studied "20 minutes" (probably need to take the "0" off there)... then say "well, nobody made an A!" (Then 3 people raised their hand--That made me feel SO much better)

People who constantly complain, whine, gripe at the same thing about what OTHERS are doing wrong, when it's really something that can be solved by fixing the problem to themselves (that's a deep one)

Students (back to students) who ask a question about what to do on the computer when the answer/instruction is WORD-FOR-WORD (with GIANT pictured illustrations) right in front of them. Thus, they want me to tell them how to do it (and most of the time do it for them) instead of doing it on their own.

OK... better stop... have to go to SCHOOL now. :-)

Lisa Wynn said...

My list of unacceptable things for today:
1) email forwards that have not been checked out first, and end up to be fabricated chains. Drives me crazy.
2) not getting everything crossed off of my "To Do" list.

Jeanise said...

Being called a "pumpkin" on Halloween. Not because you intended to be a pumpkin, but because you are 9 months pregnant and HAPPEN to wear an orange shirt. ABYSMAL & UNACCEPTABLE!!!