Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Field Trip Day

Once a year, I have the pleasure of taking Zorro to the vet. It would make for a better blog post if I told you stories about claws and blood and flying chunks of hair and fangs and strange cat noises.

Alas, I would be lying. He is a model patient. Not a peep of out the boy. He's quite the celebrity there. They all think he is the most handsome kitty with such a sweet temperament. They remember the tiny handful of cute kitten that he was when they gave him to us.

P.S. We're celebrating today - he's lost 2 pounds since last year. The diet is working. He's down to 17.12 lbs!


Jan said...

we want up-to-date photos!

Shane Coffman said...

Scroll down to the "Testing, testing" entry and you'll see a current pic of Zorro on the same couch, only occupying a signifcantly larger portion...