Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's just a little crack

Today at work we were looking for and measuring the length of cracks in some steel columns. Some had no cracks, others had cracks ranging from 1/8" to 1" in length. We know for a fact that a crack of 2" - 3" would be fatal. But, what about the 1/8" cracks? Are they acceptable? Will they spread over time, or are they as long as they are going to get?

How often do we take inventory of the cracks in our own lives? Perhaps in some areas we consider ourselves "crack-free", but in many other areas, upon close inspection, we would observe some imperfections. How long does that crack have to be before we become concerned? How much do we choose to live with? How long until it proves fatal?

Perhaps we sometimes get too comfortable with the cracks in our lives. We've seen them before and have lived with them for so long that they no longer alarm us. Then, what appears to be all of a sudden, our life comes crashing down and we ask, "Where did that come from?" It came from the cracks. And the warning signs were there long ago if we had only stopped to look.

I commented to my engineer friend that one was "only 1/8". He corrected me. "Shane, where I come from, any crack is too long."

How true.

Fixed any cracks lately?


Anonymous said...

Being the proud father I thought I should add my comments. GREAT LESSON Shane!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Morton said...

Being the proud friend, Shane, I thought that I should interject... "Say NO to crack!" :-) (I'll probably get a slap on the back of the head for that one.)

Mike Morton said...

Ok... that was really bad... I really kept waiting for you to mention that somewhere... :-)

That was a good lesson Shane. Thanks for the life lesson. I know that I can take that into this week.