Monday, May 22, 2006

Halfway there...

It looks like we have the Tulsa side of the housing question taken care of. We have an accepted offer on this wonderful house in north Owasso. (You know, listing agents have to use words like wonderful to describe a home...)

It is a contingent offer, so we need to find a buyer for our Edmond home soon to avoid messing up the deal.

Who would have ever thought that I, city-boy Shane, would ever live in a house where I could look out my front door and see a field of cows? Or that I would live somewhere that the most noticable landmarks to point out are cows, horses, some gorilla statues, and some St. Bernard dog statues?

Have I gone country???

"Come back, Shane!"


Jeanise said...

BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to come visit. :-)

Mike Morton said...

How 'bout that?!?!! You've already transferred the basketball goal. Not to mention, now you can have a real game in the drive! :-) As for mowing... I'll have to charge more for the travel and A LOT more for bringing the goats up to eat all of that grass. (glad I don't have to mow that yard :-O)

Shane Coffman said... that's a great idea. I wonder if they cost less than a riding mower? And they go with the "country" theme.

Although, I was pretty pumped about buying a riding mower and painting it orange.

Karen said...

Well, you know I'm jealous. Tulsa is a lot closer to Omaha than anywhere in California is. Not to mention, you won't have far to go next spring for the Tulsa Workshop!

Congratulations on the new house; hope the old one sells quickly!

Owen B. said...

A field of cows... a field of cows... hmmmm....

Shane, we have some work to do here.



Shane Coffman said...

Owen, are you thinking we need to have a cattle drive? I am a city slicker, you know.

I don't want to alienate the neighbors that fast, though...

Owen B. said...

No, no. Just that it's a herd of cows that are actually standing in the pasture (or south 40 or however they say it in OK). Fields are reserved for things like milo, maize, corn and such.

You've got some studying to do, buddy!



Owen B. said...

By the way, when we lived in Riverdale, our sheep named Hay Ewe was our lawn mower. When we got a second sheep (named of course Ewe Two) we ended up with two lawn mowers. And lots of fertilizer.

We had a very hardy and prolific lawn.

The only problem with goats is that they will eat anything. Anything! Flowers, bushes, expensive landscaping.

And don't be fooled by the initial low cost of either goats or sheep. They eat way more than your lawn can produce. Buy the riding mower!

And don't worry about being a city slicker. My wife was, too, until we moved to Riverdale, where she learned to raise chickens, rabbits, sheep, peacocks, turkeys, ducks... and okra.

Seriously, it's a beautiful home, Shane. Hope you and your lovely wife enjoy yourselves in Tulsa.

May God bless you both richly, and, through you both, richly bless those around you in Tulsa.


Anonymous said...

My son when you come to Omaha this weekend I will introduce you to the guy who sells me cowboy boots and western hats. You'll good in a pair of boots!

The family cowboy,


Mike Morton said...

Mr. Coffman, you also need to get the store to play "Ride 'em Cowboy" while he tries on his new 'get up.' :-)