Sunday, July 23, 2006


There have been a few too many spider sightings in our new house, so we've stepped up the chosen form of homicide from the bottom of my shoe to chemicals. Yesterday morning I sprayed Ortho Bug-B-Gone all around the house and yard.

Zorro is of no use in defending against spiders. While he has been known to disassemble crickets on a regular basis (leaving limbs spread throughout the house), most spiders do not seem to be worth more to him than a quick sniff and a swipe or two with the paw. I guess they don't taste very good.

The upstairs computer at church had its own little bug this weekend. Without going into detail, just know that it was a lot later in the morning than I would have liked before it was operating properly. The thought of having to use songbooks...ugh! It was a major distraction to my preparation for leading this morning.

Basically, that's what bugs are: Distractions. The flying ones, the crawling ones, and the invisible ones. All they do is pull our attention away from the important and focus it on the immediate. All of a sudden, I can't enjoy the great outdoors because I can't see past the mosquitos. Or, I can't open my heart to worship God because I can't get past the technical problems. "Bugs" test our patience. "Bugs" test our focus. "Bugs" test our character.

And, some bugs test our aim.

For example, I'm still trying to kill this one...


Mike Morton said...

HEY NOW! Those had better be taken care of by the time that I get there! :-)


Theresa said...

I'm thinking you need a flyswatter for a housewarming gift. :o)

Shane Coffman said...

Actually, Theresa, we did get two fly swatters in our house warming basket from the Curtis family.

One was even orange.

Theresa said...

That Jennifer! Always beating me to the great ideas. :o)

So smash some of those mosquitos... then it'll be orange and black. :o)

Tracy said...

Good luck killing spiders in Oklahoma. They are like cockroaches...they never die. And they get bigger and hairier every year.

Shane Coffman said...

I think they can reproduce faster than I can kill them.