Saturday, August 26, 2006

Looking West

Theresa would like us to go west now. Little does she know what that means...

Allow me to predict the future:

One week from today we'll hop in a car and head west to one of my favorite places, Stillwater, USA, to begin the 2006 OSU football season. We'll park at the church building, catch up with my old college friends, walk about a half mile to the stadium, and take our place with 45,000 fellow Cowboys. We'll sit on the south side, looking north, at the west 15 yard line. Alice will cheer for Bullet, the horse who makes the rounds after each OSU score, and the marching band. I'll cheer for whatever I can get out of our orange-clad warriors...I just don't want to be embarassed by Missouri State. We'll eat overpriced stadium food, wait in long lines in the restroom, walk a half mile back to the car, and make the long drive back to Owasso, arriving home around midnight, greeted by a cat who is annoyed by the lateness of his dinner.

Sounds like a wonderful day to me. I can't wait.


Brenda said...


Theresa said...

I'm shocked (but somewhat relieved) that Brenda didn't point out that Norman is also west. *ducks thrown tomatos* :D

Mike Morton said...

Lookin' forward to mozieing into Cowboy Country again! I'm busting out my orange n' black from the cowpoke trunk and I'll be Avalanching my way down to the chorale this weekend to see yeuh.


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