Saturday, September 02, 2006

Are you ready for some football?

The most wonderful time of the year starts today. College football Saturdays.

OK, maybe not the most wonderful time. That might be the NCAA basketball tournament in March.

Oh, wait, I'm an adult now. I should say it is Christmas or something.

We went to the Owasso High football game last night. Here's a pic taken by my cell phone (so excuse the quality). Here's what I learned, most of which I already knew but had forgotten:

1. High school games are a social event. Very little attention is paid to the actual game itself.

2. Band parents are funny. That lady in front of us with the camera never once looked at the actual football game. The only time she saw the field was during the 3 minute halftime show by the band.

3. Get there early, or you will find yourself surrounded by middle schoolers.

4. Middle schoolers like to cuss. They think it makes them feel older. In reality, it emphasizes how immature they are.

Ah, high school sports.

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Jeanne said...

Hey! We were there too! You are correct, we also experienced #1, 3, & 4! From your picture though I would guess we were at the other end of the stands. Those middle school kids were everywhere! Our end must have been more exciting than yours though because we had a fight break out several rows above us and suddenly we found ourselves in the midst of a middle school stampede! What a night! I think I still have a bruised kidney from being kicked in the back so many times as they paraded in and out!