Saturday, January 13, 2007


I think just about every church in the Tulsa area has surrendered to the ice and cancelled their assemblies for this weekend.

So, tomorrow morning I'll be going to church in Nashville at the Woodmont Hills Church of Christ via their live webcast. Barring any technical difficulties, that is. I've never tried this before (although I've wanted to).

Do you know of any other churches that do a live webcast?


Jeanne said...

Well, we attended this morning. I wish they would have shown the worship rather than just the power point slides, but it was still good. Brought back some good memories of the Zoe Conference! There's no danger of cyber-church replacing what we have at Memorial though! We are so blessed to get to worship and commune with such an awesome family!

Shane Coffman said...

They showed some video in the third service. I don't know why they didn't in the first or second.

You're absolutely right. Cyber-church will never, ever come close to replacing the human touch and fellowship.

I feel sorry for those that feel like they get just as much out of watching it on TV or the web as they do being there in person. That's a sad conclusion to come to.

Brenda said...

I will agree...It's just not the same. But when it's all that you've got...I'll take it.

jim said... I use Jerry's archives for our Sunday evening bible studies. Commonsenseville at its best! Have a good week Shane!

Cuz Chris

Shane Coffman said...

Thanks, Chris (Jim? Where did that come from, George?)

Their webcast is audio only, for any of you that care.