Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gimme a "C"!

I took the Memorial Drive-famous PLACE assessment online today (what else do you do when you're iced in?). Any guesses as to how I graded out?

C = 11
S = 8
D = 3
I = 2

While they have a lot to say about us "C's", here's a sample:

C Personality (Melancholy)

C's have the most complex layered mental abilities of the four personalities. They want to get to the bottom of everything, and their thinking is deep, thorough, and reflective. C's will never be accused of being superficial or phony, but this has down sides. Their strong imagination tends to lead to romanticism, their analysis can lead to being judgmental, and their ordering can lead to perfectionism. Their tendency for idealism and perfectionism can lead to frequent disillusionment, which may fuel serious doubts and a desire to remove themselves even more from the real world through daydreaming. Still, C's are highly creative and sharply stimulating; their thoughts are well considered, expressed with originality, and they are highly conscientious.

Sound like the Shane you know?


Brenda said...

That is absolutely what I would have guessed for you! You gotta love those "C" personalities! ;o)

Any Guess what I rated???

Shane Coffman said...

Well, by your comment I guess either you or Chad must be a "C"...

I'm actually going to guess both of you are.

Jeanne said...

Yep! I would say that is our Shane! I'm going to have to find my results again because they were pretty interesting best I remember. (Being a typical "I" we don't remember details very well!) I can't remember what I scored on the other catagories, but the other forms I've taken of these in the past have always said that few people are just one personality but rather a blending of two or more. Best I can remember, I'm pretty evenly spread out across three! No wonder I'm so scattered some times!

Brenda said...

Um...No! I am a very STRONG "D"!!!

Chad however was a "C". That must be why we get along.