Thursday, June 28, 2007

Now, that was random

Zorro wants lunch.

It has rained each of the past 18 days.

New carpet really does help a house sell.

We moved into this house a year ago today.

It didn't have new carpet.

Sunday will be our 53rd Sunday here.

I've led worship at 50 of them.

Zorro hates the smell of my cologne.

Diet Dr. Pepper doesn't taste anything like regular Dr. Pepper at all.

Chris Tomlin sings way out of the range of most people.

The fastest way to improve your singing is to open your mouth wider.

I've never owned a tuxedo before today.

OSU won the College World Series again.

Too bad that's OREGON STATE.

Anything random floating around in your mind?


drjimwhite said...

Not only does Chris Tomlin sing way out of the range of the average human, so does Mark Schultz.

Theresa said...

no random comments by me... but my eldest son just said, "You can't find cheese in a jungle." And how true that statement is. :)

Danna said...

And why do you now own a tuxedo?

Brenda said...

Happy Feet is a movie I now like.

Dead crickets really smell bad.

I'm sick of rain.

I agree about Chris Tomlin...but like his music.
I agree about Mark Schulz...and LOVE his music.

Diet DP is much better than regular.

The mouth wider true.

The OSU thing...yeah...VERY FUNNY! I laughed really hard!!!

Shane Coffman said...

Danna -

The elders think I should dress nicer on Sunday mornings...

Shane Coffman said...


Shane Coffman said...


OK, not really

It's for the Owasso Community Choir. Our first concert is Sunday at 2:00 at the high school auditorium.

It's free. You should all come. Even Jim from Nebraska!

weswaugh said...


The Omnivore's Dilemma may be most important book published in America in decades.

Symmetry can be very comforting:
When you notice a strange swelling or bony protrusion on your body, it is infinitely reassuring to find the same thing on the other side of your body.

Diet Dr. Pepper (or "DDP" as it's known to its close friends) tastes MUCH better than regular Dr. Pepper.