Friday, February 15, 2008

The Amazing...God

Yesterday included a visit to the doctor's office. As I sat in the exam room for OVER 1 HOUR waiting on the doc (grrrrr), I had plenty of time to check out the cool posters on the wall. They had one for "The Amazing Knee", one for "The Amazing Hip", and one for "The Amazing Back". They all had drawings similar to this:

As I looked at them for the 20th time, I wondered to myself how anyone could think that the universe achieved the order that we know and enjoy by accident. That somehow through years and centuries of natural selection and evolution we ended up with the complex set of bones, tendons, muscles, and organs that we trust in for our mobility.

I'm sorry but that's too far-fetched for me.

I say there has to be a Master Designer behind it all. And He is the one that is truly amazing.

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Brenda said...

But is he the man who came up with all those silly words for each part of the knee?
I agree, we do have a master designer and I for one think He created every living thing. It's truly a wonder how someone can't believe in it. It just boggles my mind.