Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mistakes 4

For almost 2 years now, I have carried a large, heavy electronic keyboard from my office, down the hall, to the room where our team rehearses every Thursday evening (and sometimes on Tuesday, as last night). When rehearsal is over, I carry it back to my office for use during the week.

In said room where we rehearse is a lot of, well, I would call it "junk", although I'm sure it is someone else's treasure. Leaning against the wall in the midst of such "junk" are 2 old keyboards.

My assumption (there's a dangerous word...) all along has been that these 2 keyboards were not functional, which was why they were in the midst of the other items "in storage" (code for rotting away but not yet in the trash - do you guys have such locations in your church buildings?).

Last night, upon completion of rehearsal, I decided to test them out. Lo and behold, BOTH keyboards were fully functional.

Why am I not surprised? And, why have I been lugging that big one in my office down the hall for this long?

Guys, I'm afraid this series could go on a long time...


Amy Paden said...

I need 2 hands to count the number of "junk" rooms in our building-main office, ladies class room, reference library (although we have 2 wonderful ladies working to straighten this up), 3 rooms on our main floor that have junk/decorations that are otherwise not usable due to leaking roof. In the basement, we have 2 classrooms that can't be used due to the leakiness, and probably at least 2 more teacher prep/ decoration rooms. Yes... That's a lot of "junk" rooms, but for some reason *no* one sees a problem with this!

I'm sorry the last few weeks have been full of "mistakes" for you. I know that's never a fun/good feeling. But at least you now know that you don't have to lug your heavy keyboard to rehearsal! We all do make mistakes though.

Shane Coffman said...

If only it were merely the last few weeks... ; )

Life is fun. My mistakes make me laugh at myself rather than take everything so seriously. I'm hopeful my readers can laugh along...and maybe even relate!

Jeanne said...

WooHoo! Now we know we not only have the "master" keyboard in your office but two spares in case any of them go out!!! Glad you checked it out! Maybe we can play a duet sometime now that we have more than one keyboard!

Tammy said...

Can you play either one of them in G sharp?

Shane Coffman said...

Um, no. I can barely play them in C...

But, one of the 2 keyboards appears to have a transpose feature!

Jeanne, I'll be working on my "chopsticks"!

Brenda said...

Seriously??? A transpose feature? I will have to see this one!

How about a duet of heart and soul?? And I would promise not to laugh about how you place your fingers on the keys!
I'm just shocked that in a CofC we have so many keyboards. We're comeing out I tell ya! Straight out of the lions den!