Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mistakes 3

It's easy for me to talk about typing mistakes, or singing gaffes. That's non-threatening. After a brief chuckle, everyone can get back to their normal lives.

But what happens when when our mistakes move from small inconveniences and silliness to major relationship-killers and feeling-smashers?

It suddenly becomes more difficult to talk about, doesn't it? (and yes, I just had to backspace and fix that apostrophe...)

You see, I don;t really feel the need to apologize because I just typed that stinkin' semi-colon again. Nobody was hurt, you still understood what I was trying to say, and you'll never convince me that the apostrophe key has feelings.

But shouldn't I feel the need to apologize if I spoke some words in anger that cut to your heart? If I left you out when you should have been included? If I glossed over something that was important to you?

Friends, it's easy to agree "in theory" that we are all sinners and make mistakes regularly, yet have our actions prove we really don't believe that about ourselves.

Allow me to be blunt: If you don't find yourself apologizing every so often for offenses towards others, chances are you're simply ignoring your own mistakes as if they never happen. And chances are that everyone else can see them anyway - you simply have your head in the sand like this guy:

Do you know how freeing it is to say "I'm sorry"? The chains of perfectionism fall away when we can find the strength to say those words. No longer do we have to put up the front that we have it all right. What a relief! In addition, God's grace moves in to change our hearts, and we suddenly become more tolerant of others.

O LORD God, surely I was sinful and mistake-prone from the time my mother conceived me. I have known no other way! In just the past week I have been impatient, angry, judgmental, and lustful. I have procrastinated, neglected, and down-right forgotten things that are important. Truly you see it all, and truly those around me see it as well. Let me know the joy of confession and openness. Satan cannot hold over my head that which I have willingly revealed. Father, please forgive my offenses, both big and small, and empower me to to ask for and grant that same forgiveness to others. I am in constant need of Your grace and mercy. Without it, I am a useless mess. Please continue to shape me, never give up on me, and cleanse the impurity from my humanity. You have always been good and faithful to me. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

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Love reading about your mistakes. ha

Love your blog brother.

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