Monday, May 19, 2008

Always Something

As I was leaving the church building on Saturday, a man stopped me asking for some help. He was in between jobs and has never really landed back on his feet after having his possessions wiped out by hurricane Katrina and being forced to relocate, ending up in Tulsa. I helped him out with some gas and food, and he kept asking if there was anything he could do for the church to repay us...specifically painting or maintenance work. I told him no, I was happy to help him and he didn't need to "work off" this debt.

Before he left, he asked one last time if I could think of anything around the building that needed repair that he could fix for us. Anything at all.

I told him, "Chuck, this is a church building. There's always something broken."

We looked at each other for a second, and then both broke out laughing.


Anonymous said...

Funny one!

I think the inequity of receiving a gift makes honest people a little unhappy. Maybe we should have jobs ready to do. When someone works for what we give them, there is reciprocity. It's not simple charity. It levels the playing field.

been reading Robert Lupton ... you hit on a note there bro!

jamie riley said...

Great post Shane...I know moments like that take the pressure off those who are looking to you for help.

It's as if for a few moments you connected at a real level with each other.

God is awesome...thanks for allowing Him to use you.

preacherman said...

Thanks for the great laugh Shane! Have a great day. :-)


I don't know how many times I've had people ask the same question ... your answer was well put.

Thanks for the smile today!