Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I'm preparing to co-teach a class this summer on faith in the Gospels.

So...tell me, what are some of the most inspiring examples of faith you have read about or heard of?


Tammy said... I have seen her come from a totally sweetheart of a "Cali" girl to a woman with such strength and dependence on God. Her faith is not one that came about because of God answering prayer in the way SHE wanted it answered, but in accepting God's wisdom in situations beyond her control. Yet she also shows the humor the comes with the God-given joy of faith and dependence on Him. And yes, I am very proud of ALL my family for their dependence and faith. Kristi just happens to be in the limelight right now.

Shane Coffman said...

I agree - David and Kristi (and Kaleb) would be great ones to have come share their story one of those mornings.

Good suggestion!

Linda L said...

Rick's mom. She never doubted that God could change her husband's heart, or bring her son back to the Lord. She knew it was their decision, but she never stopped praying and she saw it happen. And I know she got GREAT satisfaction seeing all 5 of her grandkids become Christians. I know she'll be watching the great-grandkids from heaven hoping that they'll share in that decision when it comes time. What a legacy she and Tommy left behind!

Shaner said...

Read anything you can get your hands on about George Muller.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Lindsay said...

You! I know you hate talking about yourself, but your faith through this whole health issue has been amazing and inspiring.

Jason and Heather! To hear them tell the story of their daughter Jessica's life and death, and how God has grown their faith through it is incredible.

And I second the Kristi Bowers suggestion; she's an amazing woman!

Brenda said...

I agree with Lindsay...your story is one that amazes and inspires me in my faith walk. (even though you don't like sharing about's a good story!)

I know that Van and Jeanne Priest have some incredible stories of faith through their parenting years and beyond.

preacherman said...

I would say the blind man, a begger. Every day he would go along the same path and beg. One day Jesus was comming to his town and he had heard of what Jesus could do. All things change as he cries out, "Jesus Christ son of David, have mercy on my." The disciples and crowd try to shut him up but he shouts louder, "Jesus Christ son of David have mercy on me." Jesus then asked him, what do you want me to do? I want to see. Wow. Jesus healed him and change his life for ever. What faith this man had.

Hannah said...

Shane, I agree with Lindsay. Your continual story of faith is an amazing one. One that encourages and inspires me...even if you don't like to talk about yourself.

Another one that I think of is the story of Esther. It always Inspires me how she had faith that God would use her as Queen and be with her as she went before the king unsummoned, even though she knew she it might cost her her life.

Personally, I don't know if I'd be able to do something like that.