Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Disconnected Thoughts

Lest you think I have given up on blogging, I shall now post several disconnected, meaningless thoughts for the sake of something new to read:

The A/C was out at the office this morning. It's back on now. Praise the Lord! I wasn't looking forward to that west sun coming in the window this afternoon.

We have spent the last 2 days preparing for company. My household will grow from 2 adult humans and 1 happy cat to 5 adult humans, 3 child humans, and 1 unhappy cat. This will be the case until next Tuesday. Computer time may be limited. But not nearly as much as bathroom time.

I am wrapping up an SATB arrangement of Chris Tomlin's new song, "Jesus Messiah". We'll run through it in rehearsal tomorrow night.

We're fighting mud daubers at the homestead. Anyone else having problems with those rascals?

We're also fighting web worms. Our poor trees have had a rough year. First the ice storm, then the wind storm, now this.

Football season is just over a month away! Happy, happy! Joy, joy!


Mike Morton said...

Sister's family is coming, huh? Be sure to give Zorro some really good loving before they get there.

Not having as much problems with Mud Dawbers this year as we did about 2 years ago. Hasn't rained enough here to really get good mud. :-)

Have a great week!

Brenda said...

No Mud Dawbers here. Or Web Worms either.

You know...I actually feel sorry for Zorro. I know how kids can torture cats! Poor thing! I agree with Mike. Give him some lovin!

As for Football, I'm psyched!!!
Guess you'll be cheering for that #2 team again huh???

Theresa said...

daubers? dawbers? I always thought it was mud dobbers. But I'm probably totally wrong. I've never actually seen the name of those pesky flying, spider eating creatures written down. (The spider eating is a good thing, by the way.)

We don't have any... but we have wasps in abundance this year. Ugh.

Have fun with the fam!

Brenda said...

You know....we are having a bit of problem with Tree Frogs! And they aren't little either! There were 4plastered to our window last night. We caught's now living with the lizzards.

Tammy said...

They 'dob' mud to make their nest or whatever it is called (a'dob'e?). So it was dobbers when I was growing up in po dunk Oklahoma. My dad has a really cool device to clear out web worms. It is a propane torch attached to a long pole that he ignites and burns them out of his trees. It's really cool to watch! But keep the water hose handy in case the burning worms fall *ieeee* to their doom! MooHahahaha.

Todd Stoves said...

I don't even know what Mud Daubers are, so I would assume that we don't have them...we did have web worms real bad a few years ago. They make an awesome treatment for it that you pour around the base of the tree...they sell it at Home Depot...our neighbor's tree got it so bad they ended up cutting the thing down this year.

Hooray football season! The first episode of College Football Live was on this week, and there's cause for optimism here in the heart of Husker Nation! Plus this year I don't work on Saturdays so I might actually make it to a couple games if I can magically get my hands on some tickets.

Richard said...

Random thoughts and relatives, web worms and mud dobbers. I would bet there is a country song in there somewhere?

Football, ah yes, when husbands and t.v.'s bond, until the wife blows a fuse.