Saturday, October 25, 2008


I believe OSU proved they were deserving of that #6 national ranking today.

Going to Austin and taking the #1 team in the country to the last play of the game is proof.

Nice job, Cowboys. I'm not happy we lost, but I'm happy with how far we've come in the past 3 years.


Mike Morton said...

Great job Pokes! But the last 3 mintues showed a little bit of Gundy's lack of experience in that situation. They were moving the ball pretty well up the field. But WHY with the clock winding down, didn't he take a timeout? THEN... why didn't Zach (with 4th and a bit) make a throw down the field vs. the 3 yard throw into the defense? Not sure... pressure maybe? I don't know. But I was really behind the 'boys today and was sorry to see them come up a bit short. Wouldn't be surprised if they're right behind OU (if not maybe a spot ahead) in the rankings. We'll see...

preacherman said...

It was a great game.
So close. :-)