Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life as I know it this week

Fall Festival was a blast (as always) Sunday night. Alice went as herself (from Alice in Wonderland), and I went as myself (from the movie Shane).

I went to an all day seminar yesterday titled "Managing Emotions Under Pressure." I am extremely hopeful not to have to test out these new skills any time soon...

The biggest things I took from the seminar:
- Keep things in perspective. Only one thing will kill you. Everything else is of lesser value.
- Q Tip = Quit Taking Things Personally
- Talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend.

My body was very unhappy with me for sitting at this seminar all day, so I treated it to a visit with the chiropractor on the way home. That made it much happier.

I'm planning the Tulsa Churches of Christ Area-Wide Service for Sunday night, November 2. We're hopful to have 15 different congregations represented! That means a lot of phone calls for Shane this week.

Having Craig Hicks on staff this past week has been an absolute blessing. He brings enthusiasm, wisdom, humor, energy, and an eagerness to learn. If you weren't at Memorial Drive this past Sunday morning, you really need to listen to Craig and Terry's message of reconciliation. It will blow you away, whether you already know some of the story or not.

As for now, it's time to go renew my car tags, have lunch with a friend and then head to staff meeting.


Brenda said...

Nice pic there cowboy!
Did Alice make her costume? It's so cute!!! Ya'll look adorable!

Chad and I will be here on Friday handing out candy. We will be dressed up as realtors selling a house! ;o)

Sounds like the seminar had some good stuff. Love that Q Tip thing. I'll never look at a Q Tip the same again.

At a marriage seminar I attended once they said that you should always speak to your spouse like you would your best friend. I took that to heart long ago and it it is so true and it works.
And then...if you think about God being your best friend, the way you talk to Him should be the same way too. Brings communication between people to a whole different level.

Anonymous said...

Well, you've peaked my interest in the sermon you mentioned.

Shane Coffman said...

Forgot to mention...one thing you'll miss just listening to the sermon on-line is that they began standing at far opposite ends of the stage. Each time they volleyed back, they would take a step closer to center, until at the end they were together with their arms around each other. The visual really emphasized the message.

Yes, Brenda, Alice made her own costume. She's crafty that way, you know...

Brenda said...

So I've never heard of this movie called "Shane"! Is it old? New? Must be a western?!

preacherman said...

I really was encouraged by Criag's testimony. Thank you for letting us know about his blog. I know that he is going to be a great asset. I like ya'll halloween costums. I know my boys are going to give me alot of candy on Friday.

Anonymous said...

nice look for you.