Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

The Priests and the Coffmans made it to Stillwater for a basketball game last Saturday thanks to the generousity of some friends.

These were the best seats we have had for a game since I was a student and we got to sit on the floor right by the court.

Alice's new camera has a panoramic feature. I'd say it works well - it turned out a pretty cool looking picture, don't you think?


preacherman said...

Great pics!!
I am glad ya'll had a great time. I hope all is going well. Shane you and your ministry is always before God in my daily life. May God bless all you do for the Kingdom of God. Go Sooners!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

love the last one. Could you go to Allen Fieldhouse and get one there?


Shane Coffman said...

Darin -

I'd LOVE to! I've never been to Allen Fieldhouse.

You getting the tickets? ; )

Toni Burns said...

How much fun. I am jealous.