Saturday, September 05, 2009

OSU 24 Georgia 10

Great day in Stillwater today! Big win for the Cowboys. Here's a little of what we saw:

The Cowboys taking the field

The Defense making a big play

The Boone Bowl full of orange

The Zac Attack

The Victory Formation

The Happy Coffmans


Robin Brannon said...

Well played, Pokes! Well played indeed!

(and how 'bout them Cougars?!)

Brenda said...

I must say....they Cowboy's band has some pretty cool cool as band uniforms can get....I really like those! Very snazzy!

Anonymous said...

No highlights from the OSU - Houston game?

Where is the love?

Coach 'em Gundy!

I expect a better result against Rice.

Shane Coffman said...

Nope...didn't take the camera to the Houston game.

But no love to be given to the Pokes for that "effort", anyway. ; )