Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Each of us is peculiar. Those of us who are willing to admit it have more fun.

Here are a few of my idiosyncrasies:

My closet and drawers are perfectly organized. Everything has its place. Sorting is done by sleeve length, color, style, etc. All hangers must be white plastic and facing the same direction.

Towels must hang straight on the bar, and must be folded evenly.

The paper cutter at the office must be secured. I worry it will spontaneously cut off a finger.

The dishwasher must be loaded a certain way. Joe's cups have their spot, plate location depends on size, etc.

I sleep predominately on my right side because I once heard that was better for your heart (although I've since heard that is a myth...).

If I mess up in my writing at the beginning of a page, I must throw it away and start over.

Symmetry is a necessity!

Like my cat, I thrive on routine.

I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I post this...

What are some of your idiosyncrasies, you weirdos? ; )


Brenda said...

Some of mine are the same of yours just with a few differences.

I don't care how the dishwasher is loaded, but, I have to unload it a certain way. Starting with utensils, then unloaded by cabinet. I can't unload a glass if I started with the plates.

My closets are assorted by color of clothing. I can't have any empty hangars in the closet. Once I choose an article of clothing, the hangar has to be put in the laundry room.

Fingerprints bother me. That's why I don't have a coffee table. If I am talking to someone and I see a fingerprint on the table, that is all I can focus on until I wipe it away.

My desk at work has to be kept in the same order at all times. I only want 10 of each item that I need in the drawers. I can't have 11 and I can't have 9.

I don't like to talk in the mornings. From 6am to 8am I don't like to speak unless it is necessary. And I'm not one of those people that says "GOOD MORNING" with the sweetest chipper voice. :o) That throws me off!

My rubbermaid has to have a lid. if it doesn't, I have to throw it away. I can't have one with out a lid.

If I am washing laundry and I find a hole in your sock, I will throw it away. Eventually, you will be sockless.

I'm sure I have others, but those are my most obvious at the moment.

your sis said...

I can't stand to watch anyone brush their teeth. Don't want anyone watching me brush mine either.

When I'm eating Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, I pour milk on it then drain it off. I hate soggy cereal but I want it a little moist. Drives Jeff nuts.

Lita said...

I just have to and Brenda are even weirder than I thought.

Linda L said...

Wow, I've learned more about you all then I ever thought I would...

Well, here goes:

I hang my clothing by type; blouses, sweater, collars/no collars, and within those by sleeve length. Dress pants are hung full length and casual are folded. Jackets on top rack with slacks (by color), shirts on bottom rack. Dresses are hung with dress slacks...get it? ;D Oh, and hangers always facing the same direction. Everything neatly folded in drawers, sorted by type tees, turtleneckts, etc. The only drawer NOT neat is my sock drawer sometimes.

The dishwasher has to be loaded a certain way, if someone else loads it I will thanks them sweetly and covertly reorganize if possible.

I do the laundry because I have so many things that need to be dried flat or hung. Rick understands this and has ceased to help with the laundry (which makes me very happy) EXCEPT for his underwear/socks. I let him do that but it still bugs me that he doesn't mix water with the bleach before he puts it in the washer.

Oh, and underclothing is NEVER, I repeat NEVER washed with the towels!!!

I try to put things away after I use them,turn off lights when I leave a room and close all cabinets doors when I'm done (try living with a child who doesn't understand that concept...).

Brenda, I hate having missing lids to containers too! And they have to be stacked so they nest inside each other.

I used to have my spices organized by alphabetical order but I haven't checked that lately.

My biggest downfall is I keep magazines WAY longer than I should. I'm working my way through 2 years of issues cutting out recipes, etc before I throw them, er, recycle them.

That's enough weirdness for now.