Thursday, January 06, 2005


That's the word that comes to mind as I re-read that last post. Understand, it was all in good fun to the poor Sooners and their fans. But, it seems rather venemous as I read it today. I don't want to sound that way.

Notice how sports can bring out the passions in many of us. Normally composed people will go stark-raving crazy when cheering for their teams. Gray haired men who would never raise a hand to worship God will pump their fists and dance a jig to celebrate a touchdown.

Think about it. What are you passionate about? Could anyone tell if they watched you?

Did you know that cats have venom? Well, maybe not true venom, but Alice is on antibiotics from a cat bite (not from our Zorro). I never knew the little fellas had it in them.

Maybe some people don't know what's inside me either.


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