Monday, August 06, 2007

Lost Again!

It appears I'm no good at playing tag. According to Chris, I'm "it" again! (No worries, Chris. I'm happy to play.)

You know the rules - no need to re-post them. 8 more random things about Shane, in a totally random order:

6. I got braces shortly after I turned 31 years old (so for those of you who don't know me personally, yes, those cartoon drawings of me are correct). They are part of my master plan to continue to look young even when my hair is thinning and receding and my beard is turning gray. When I really need to look younger, I'll shave my head and the beard and look like a teenager again.

3. I'm on a never-ending (so it seems) quest to find the perfect undershirt. It needs a nice, wide collar at the neck, but the head opening can't be too big. The sleeves must neither be too long or too wide or they will either peek out from or bunch up inside the overshirt. It must be long enough to stay tucked in. It must remain white after several washings. One problem with the current brand I am wearing is that I need a size somewhere between small and medium. The fact that I am 6'-1" and am wearing a size small is somewhat disturbing as well.

1. I think Ross King and Chris Rice are excellent songwriters.

8. I was 21 years old before I ever flew on an airplane. But I made up for it - that first airplane ride was 3 legs long beginning in Omaha, Nebraska and ending in Kiev, Ukraine.

5. In college, my friends and I once built a large cardboard box to put around and over a girl's car. And, yes, we remembered to put a bow on top.

7. Said braces are now scheduled to come off in 12 weeks! Just in time to eat a Snickers for Halloween!

2. I was Senior Class Secretary in high school.

4. I'm fear I have given you too much information (otherwise known as "TMI" - thanks Jeanise...) in item #3. Which is part of my personality - to over-analyize everything.

Now, I tag all of you to go read Chris's "Identity Crisis" series, starting here. It's a very objective and honest look at where we're at in Churches of Christ. Good thoughts, Chris.



Shane ... good to get to know a little more about you. Loved the "cardboard box" thing. To cool!


weswaugh said...

The box around D's car! HA! The best part was hauling it across town at 4am on the back streets with a "scout car" ahead of us so that we could avoid any awkward police questions. I've still got the photos if you want copies.

I too am on the Eternal Quest. But I may have found the Undershirt Grail. Hanes new Beefy-Tee began appearing in stores a few weeks ago. Wide collar, sleeves just right, but it may shrink too short to stay tucked in after laundering a few times. (We really should start a support group/forum for this.)

(Trey Morgan! You baptized me at QMCC. Thank you.)