Friday, December 14, 2007

Tidbits from Tulsa

A local Maytag store has converted a portion of their showroom into a free laundromat.

Around 1,500 workers from other states have come to the Tulsa area to help restore our power. Many of them will be here through Christmas. Thank you for your help, friends!

The Coffman house is into day 6 without power. If power company estimates are correct, it will be the middle of next week before we are back on-line.

We are grateful for family and friends who have helped us out this week. Thank you so much for taking in these two refugees!

Alice informed me on Monday that her brain runs on electricity.

More than once this week we've wondered aloud how those with small children are making it through each day.

Speaking of small children, Zorro is cold and lonely. I spend about an hour with him each day. If he were one of those aloof cats who doesn't care for people anyway, he would be in heaven this week. But Zorro isn't that way - he thrives on companionship, especially mine.

For the record, if the Neilson ratings were this week nobody would be getting any credit from our household. That's ok - there was never anything good to watch on tv between the last college football game of the regular season and the first bowl game anyway.

P.S. Don't think we'll bother with the Christmas lights at this point, huh?


Brenda said...

Alice's bran runs on electricity??? She sounds like a Stepford Wife!!!

As one of those with 3 children, I am so thankful we still have electric. For the short times it has gone out, I thought they were going to go nuts! Even me! However, I enjoyed the quiet.

Hopeing yours comes back on real soon.

Keith L said...


You are remarkably positive considering what your area is experiencing! The closest example we experienced (yet in a lesser fashion) similar to you was the time some ice storms hit Paris, TN many years ago. My children still talk about all the people coming to our house to stay.

Does Johnny Carino's in Tulsa have electricity?

Take care brother!

Keith Lancaster

Shane Coffman said...

Thanks, Keith. I imagine a lot of today's kids will have some pretty vivid memories of this week to tell their own children years from now. And I can already see those kid's eyes rolling...

I know you asked about Carino's in jest, but in all seriousness, on Monday night when 75% of the Tulsa area was without power there were very few places to get food, and lines at those few places were incredible. I know there are people that go without food every day, but it sure looked like a lot more would be forced to if circumstances didn't improve quickly.

For some reason the parable about the foolish virgins kept coming to my mind...

Terry Rush said...

Her brain runs on electricity? How I wish I'd said that one!

Way to go, Alice!