Friday, March 07, 2008

Mistakes 2

We did some recording for Keith Lancaster's next Praise & Harmony cd last night. It was loooong, but enjoyable. We'll do even more tonight and Saturday morning.

I'm singing bass for the recording, but for a brief moment midway through a song, I launched into singing lead.



Brenda said... that's good!!! Aren't you going to tell us what song it was so we can listen for your breakout moment???
Did anyone else notice???

Shane Coffman said...

Oh, I'm quite sure it will be nicely edited out of the final mix, so you'll never get that pleasure. ; ) But for the record, it was at the end of "Lord We Come Before Thee Now" when the basses are supposed to have a rest on the downbeat...

Yes, the WHOLE bass section had a nice laugh at my expense.

Shane Coffman said...

"But, for the record..."

He, he. That was punny, and I didn't even intend for it to be!

Maybe I should have said, "For the cd,..."

Jeanne said...

There's a problem with suddenly switching parts??????? That's worked for me for years when I can't remember my own!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shane

one of our worship leaders is there ... Ken Dorsey ... singing bass no less. Hope you get to meet him!

Shane Coffman said...

I'll look for him today.

He didn't happen to play quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes a few years ago, did he???

; )

preacherman said...

Oh Man!!!!!!!
Shane I wish I could have heard it.
I bet it was so enjoyable.
Are you guys going to re-record it?
Let us know.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

Terry Rush said...

Oh Shane, you can't imagine the number of times I've had that happen to me! I just give a shrug and search for the right range. I say stick with it! It'll show back up somewhere along the song!

Shane Coffman said...

John, I met Ken on Saturday morning. Thanks for the heads-up!

Pretty sure he isn't the same one who played for Miami...

Jonathan said...

Hey Shane! Gonna blog some more about the recording experience?

I missed not being there... I thoroughly enjoyed the last recording I did for P&H. I'm eager to hear about this one!

Clint McGaha said...

This is Clint McGaha from the Central congregation in Ada.
I have a tech question I was hoping you could help with.
During that last 20 minutes of song at Park Plaza, they put some music on the screen for us to sing to. Can you tell me what was used to have the notes projected with a picture background?
We are finally ready to make a transition from words only and I don't want to reinvent the wheel so to speak.
Good to see you again. It was a great weekend--none of the Tenors made any mistakes (<--sarcasm)

Shane Coffman said...

Hey, Clint. Good to see you on Saturday.

I believe Keith told me he had those in PowerPoint. I think he's working on the ability to legally market and sell those.

I don't peronally know a good, clean way to do them. I can make the music slides using Finale, and I've tried setting my background in PowerPoint to a certain picture, then layering the music slide on top and turning the white background transparent so the picture shows through, but it doesn't turn out very sharp.

Not nearly as sharp as Keith's, anyway.

Clint McGaha said...

Thanks for the input Shane. I didn't know if the slides were Keith's or Park Plaza's.
I downloaded a trial version of Finale, but the Scanning option did not work very well. I got one song to turn out pretty well just scanning an image of the music, editing in GIMP (like Photoshop but free), then putting into Powerpoint and letting background thru.
It was OK for one song, but for
I wish there was a way for us to figure out a legal way to divide and conquer :)

Shane Coffman said...

I use Finale, but I've never tried the scanning option. I just enter all the notes and lyrics manually.

Songs that stay on the beat can go pretty quickly. It's those synchopations that kill you!